# Introduction

# What Is Envoyer?

Laravel Envoyer is a zero downtime deployment service for PHP. Some highlights of Envoyer's features include:

  • GitHub, GitLab & Bitbucket Integration
  • GitLab Self-Hosted Integration
  • Seamless Deployment Rollbacks
  • Application Health Checks
  • Integrated Chat Notifications
  • Tuned for Laravel Apps
  • Deploy Any PHP Project
  • Unlimited Deployments
  • Deploy To Multiple Servers
  • Cron Job Monitoring
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Customize Your Deployments
  • Import Your Laravel Forge Servers

# Learning More

Laracasts has a comprehensive and free video course on Envoyer. Feel free to review this course if you are new to Laravel Envoyer and want a video overview of its features.

# Envoyer IP Addresses

If you are restricting SSH access to your server using IP whitelisting, you must whitelist the following IP addresses:


You may also need to whitelist the Heartbeat IP addresses.

# Envoyer API

Envoyer provides a powerful API that allows you to manage your servers programatically, providing access to the vast majority of Envoyer features. You can find the Envoyer API documentation here.

# Found Something Wrong?

If you find something in the documentation that is misleading or outright wrong, please consider submitting a pull request on GitHub.