Your Account

Updating Your Profile Information

You may update your name, email and password from the Account dashboard within your user profile at any time.

Securing Your Account With Two Factor Authentication

You can add Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to your account from the Account page. Once you enable 2FA, please remember to scan the 2FA barcode into your phone's authentication application.

Using 2FA

We recommend using the Google Authenticator application on your smartphone to manage your Envoyer 2FA configuration.


You can sign up to any one of Envoyer's three subscription plans:

  • Basic - 10 Projects, 10 Minute Deploy Time
  • Plus - 20 Projects, 10 Minute Deploy Time
  • Premium - Unlimited Projects, 15 Minute Deploy Time

You may join Envoyer for free as a collaborator on other projects. If you need to manage your own projects in the future, you can upgrade your account at any time.

Maximum Deploy Time

The build time for each plan determines the maximum that your deployment plan can take before timing out.

Business Receipts

If you need to add specific contact or tax information to your receipts, like your full business name, VAT identification number, or address of record you can add Extra Billing Information from the Subscription page in your account. We'll make sure it shows up on every receipt.

Deleting Your Account

You can delete your account at any time from the Account page.

Account Data

Deleting your account will cancel your subscription and delete all of your account's data. Your data, including billing information, will not be recoverable; however, your servers will be preserved.